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La Diferencia entre ‘To Do’ y ‘To Make’…MAKE YOUR BED!

To Do y To Make…..¡Los dos significan HACER! Ush, profe no entiendo…ayúdame porfaaaaa! Escoger entre estos dos verbos es un problema muy pero muy fastidioso! Buuueno, no te preocupes porque hoy les ayudaré entender la diferencia! Para que sepas…en español la diferencia entre los verbos Ser y Estar es FASTIDIOSO para nosotros los angloparlantes! Así que tenemos algo en común 🙂

Alright compañeros, time to switch into English mode…are you ready? Great! Let’s get this party started…

In English, we use the verb “To Do” when…

  • An activity, action or task is performed (Example: To do the laundry)
  • Referring to work of any kind (Do the housework, homework)
  • Referring to general ideas (Example: talking about an action without saying what the action is…usually with the words ‘something, nothing, anything, everything’. i.e. “I’m not doing anything today”)
  • Using standard expressions. Unfortunately you just have to memorize these! (Examples: To do a favour, To do your hair)
We use the verb “To Make” when…
  • We talk about creating, constructing or building something (Example: To make the bed.)
  • Talking about preparing food of any kind
  • Using standard expressions…again, you’re just going to have to memorize! (Examples: To make friends, to make a mistake)

Are you still confused? Maybe this great YouTube video will help!

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Many thanks to ‘learnenglish.de’ for the the concise explanation.