The Difference Between “Can” and “May”

Hey there all you friends of Bogota Business EnglishCAN you attend our awesome Conversation Club tonight at Authors Bookstore on Calle 70 #5-23? We are going to talk about the weather and learn lots of new vocabulary for this topic that seems to be such an important part of life in Bogota! There will be native English speakers, music, candy and drink for everyone to enjoy! Tell your friends and family!

Do you understand the joke in the image? In English, “can” implies the ABILITY to do something while “may” implies that you are asking for permission! The difference is sometimes forgotten in spoken English, but it is important to remember. Below you will find more detailed information on the difference between these two words…

a) Posibilidad vs Probabilidad

“Can” indica que algo es posible (las circunstancias lo permiten o alguien tiene la habilidad de hacerlo).

I can play soccer quite well

I can open that door with my key

I can run for two hours

This car can go faster than 200 km per hour

You can go to France without a passport

“May” indica que algo es probable; equivale a “perhaps”

My friend may win the race

The sky is very dark. It may rain

TRY TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE SENTENCE OF YOUR OWN! Bring your answers to the conversation club where we can check for accuracy!

b) Permiso

Se utilizan ambos verbos modales, con los siguientes matices:

– Tener permiso: “can” es más habitual.

I can smoke in the office

– Dar permiso: “may” es más habitual, “can” más informal.

You may smoke here if you want

You may use my computer

You can take my car (informal)

Si el permiso viene de un tercero se utiliza “can”.

You can smoke here (la ley lo permite o las normas de esta oficina)

– Pedir permiso: “can” es más habitual y también más informal

Can I smoke in the office? (informal) / May I smoke in the office?(formal)

Can I speak to you? (informal) / May I speak to you? (formal)

c) Petición

– Solicitar algo: Se utilian ambos verbos modales

May (Can) I get your dictionary?

– Pedirle a alguien que haga algo: se suele utilizar “can”

Can you give me that book?

d) Ofrecimiento

Se utiliza ambos verbos modales

Can (May) I help you?

VIDEO BREAK! Check out this short YouTube video for more clarification!

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